Black Friday

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone!
Yesterday was a great day. I worked a shift from 10-5 and at first it was rather busy. It wasn't the people who forgot thanksgiving stuff that was purchasing, but it was people who were getting our black friday deals. ( I work at CVS if you're wondering) Why would someone go out on thanksgiving to get black friday deals? Crazy nuts. Well, by 2pm it had died down rather quickly, with about 2 customers every 10 min. I was sooo ready to jump out of there at 5pm.

When it was my time to leave, I dropped by Perkins to pick up a pumpkin pie before going home. Surprisingly there were a lot of people there. Those people who didn't want to bother with making a bunch of meals at their home or those elderly people who didn't have thanksgiving to share with anyone else but their spouse. I'm thankful to have a family to share the holidays with.
I went home and oh my goodness..SO MUCH FOOD AND THEY ALL SMELL DELISH! There was seriously so much food that I didn't even know how we could eat all this, seeing as how we're a family of 7 people.

We had dinner, had some laughs and giggles, and even watched the "Charlie bit me" video at the dinner table. Once we finished, I was ready for my nap, but nope! Taylor Swift's Thanksgiving special was on television at 8! It was fantastic. I love Taylor Swift :)

Right after the special, we decided to put up and decorate our Christmas tree.

I don't think the best thing about Black Friday is the shopping, but rather about eating the leftovers! Mmm! I'm actually doing that right now and I'm pretty sure the plate I'm having now is way bigger than the one I had on actual Thanksgiving day. ;)


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