Busy but lazy days...

Today is my second day off in a row, then back to work! Yes, I work Thanksgiving morning :( Thats retail for ya. boo. Anyways, I woke up quite early today. 740am-ish to be exact (is that an oxymoron? if i said ish and exact in the same sentence? hmm) Figured I'd get a head start on checking things off my to-do list. Soo..I might not have done things that was mandatory or on the top of my priority list, BUT! I did learn how to cable stitch knit! Woo! Thanks youtube videos!

I don't know if you can really see it. My test yarn is horrible at featuring the beautiful cables haha. So my next task is to go to the crafts store and pick out a nice, soft, red yarn for a scarf!

Another thing I did today that I've been meaning to get to, is build another cheap light box for taking quick photos of my customs and whatever else. I tested a shot with one of my dog's toys.

(the most annoying dog toy ever. no stuffing, just a giant squeaker that she likes to play with at convenient times.....like when we're watching a movie T_T )

Alright Alright. In other news, I finished the dunny custom for GenuineArtikle's Almight Dunny Show! I'll post pictures up tonight :)

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  1. lolllll!! thats a cool light box, and im so jelly that you learned to cable knit. i had no patience to learn that but i want to try again. :D it looks good.